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Color Spread Mod Apk (Unlock all skins)

Color Spread Mod Apk
Hurry up! Light! Complicated! In Color Spread you must have three of you to win the game!

In this new game, you choose the order in which to spread the color blocks. The first blue field? Or maybe yellow? Initially, it was easy, but it gets more complicated as time goes on. Watch out, if you spread the wrong color, you might not win the level!

In this exciting brain game, you have to think ahead, and you are rewarded with a beautiful view of colors that spread on the board. You can also open different skins to spread more beauty in the game!

With your expertise and intelligence, and with the "undo" and "skip" buttons that help, you are ready to master the Color Spread board. Can you win the game and spread all colors? Try it now, completely free!

Color Spread Mod Apk (Unlock all skins)