Bus Simulator: Original Mod Apk (Purchased all paid content)

Bus Simulator: Original Mod Apk
Bus Simulator: Original Mod Apk Bus Simulator is the latest simulation game that will offer you the opportunity to become a real Bus Driver! Realistic maps, incredible vehicles, beautiful interiors will make you feel like driving a real bus! It's time to get on and ride the bus to complete all routes! Next-gen graphics including people animation, articulation, double bus, and school will make this bus game the best on the market!
- Realistic maps (Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Alaska, etc ...)
- 15 buses (articulated, double-decker, school, etc ...)
- Door Open / Close Button
- Animated people entering/leaving the bus
- Special weather conditions in Free Ride mode
- Any location: city, countryside, mountains, desert and snow
- realistic visual damage
- Steering Wheel, Tilt Button or Control
- Detailed interior
- Intelligent Traffic System
- Challenge your friends with online ranking

Bus Simulator: Original Mod Apk (Purchased all paid content)

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