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Bunny Cuteness Overload Mod Apk (Use currency to increase without increasing)

Bunny Cuteness Overload Mod Apk
Make the city full of rabbits?
Let's build a colony on the moon and make the city of rabbits bigger!
Offering a casual semi-automatic training simulation of cute casual characters!

Moon, a dream place.
If you go there, you don't need to work anymore ... at least that's what they think!

Rabbits make their dreams come true and land on the moon. And what they see ...

Ah ... the inhabitants of the moon are just the same rabbit with the same dream.
They don't even know how to work - Panic Mode!
Now is not the time to dream about laziness !!!

Submit job offers and collect various types of rabbits!
Earn money by building facilities when you can make rabbit dwellers work!
Summon rabbits by tapping and building a colony!

Maybe if you interact with different types of rabbits, you can get a glimpse of the problems and daily lives of various rabbits?
Are there residents you know by building a colony?

Yes, this is a dream that rabbits have. Live without working alone. This is the first step towards laziness!

* Rabbits in this game are fictional. Please note that they are different from real rabbits.

Recommended for this type of person
- People who like to play free games in their free time!
- Players who like addictive, free and casual games
- People who are looking for a simple game to spend time together
- Those who want a game that can be played at a relaxed pace
- People who like rabbits!
- and the cat!
- ... dogs too!
- ... or any cute animal!
- People who enjoy real settings
- People who feel comfortable watching characters who are relaxed, funny, and strange
- People who want to feel warm and unclear
- People who want a calming experience
- People who feel tired
- People who like light stories
- People who want a feeling of achievement
- People who like to play addictive games
- People who are looking for a game to be played for a short amount of time
- People who want to do something on their way to work or school
- People who like to reach goals and complete collections
- People who like to share their favorite applications on LINE, Facebook and Twitter

Bunny Cuteness Overload Mod Apk (Use currency to increase without increasing)