Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground Mod Apk (Unlimited currency/gold/gems) + Obb

Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground Mod Apk
Blood Rivals is an extreme survival shooter on mobile. Land on the battlefield, load your shotgun, aim your target, and start shooting like a main mercenary command. Compete against many competing players with 3 opportunities at the forefront of the battlefield of action.
Kill the most and survive until the end becomes the FATHER. Follow the rules of survival and all your specific tactics to build the best multiplayer action strategy game this year.

Drive fast vehicles to explore vast maps, equip weapons, collect explosives and supplies. Defeat each player and become the ultimate DAD by surviving in the shrinking play zone of an exciting war game.
Enjoy the endless FPS action from Blood Rival. Play the best FPS multiplayer battles here.

● Realistic gameplay with rich details creates an eye-opening visual experience.
● Feel like you are in the middle of an action battlefield when you play with high-quality audio and exclusive gunfire.
● Fully Customizable UI with the best first-person shooter experience in one of the top action games.
● Modern controls with incredible 3D graphics, crushing battlefields, and spectacular locations from top gun games.
● Enjoy a unique experience on mobile with availability in online and offline modes, like the top free shooting game.
● Blood Rivals is designed with a perfect shot system and amazing offers and bonuses from free action games.

● Escape to the high-speed train that shows off and escape to the safe zone of the FPS shooting game.
● Commander various vehicles such as trucks, cars to hunt down your rivals.
● Escape quickly to survive the devastating tornado storm and shoot tower shooting game.
● Improve yourself with power raisers including high jumps, dynamic weaponry, acoustic armor, and enemy detectors.
● Call of duty to race against time, explode barrels, cars on the Blood Rivals battlefield.

● Loading modern weapons such as Sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns or handguns gives each player a different experience in the game on the battlefield.
● Challenge your friends all over the world in the best FPS game battle.
● Unlike all the top free gun games, be amazed by the highly advanced aiming skills of action games.
● Defeat intruders in Team Deathmatch mode for up to 12 multiplayer opponents in modern gun games.
● Create your personal space and join your friends around the world in a free battlefield shooting game.

● Varied AI behavior makes each player unique and challenging to follow the rules of survival and bring the game of war to victory.
● Order your friends to win and become FATHER with attractive prizes from Blood Rivals.
● Build your army defenses on the battlefield to survive and fight against global players around the world.
● The more you win, the better you play - improve and immerse yourself in harder and faster challenges that will make you fly on the leader board!

Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground Mod Apk (Unlimited currency/gold/gems) + Obb

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