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Azeroth Mod Apk (Free Purchases)

Azeroth Mod Apk
Azeroth solves the classic real-time fighting gameplay, where thousands of players can play on the same screen.

You can use a variety of hero matches, troops, skills, races and prizes
to respond to monster attacks. With a variety of stories at checkpoints or battles, you will definitely be interested in him.

In the game, there are 3 big races, 10 types of soldiers, 12 heroes, 15 types of manual skills and 573 automatic skills. Players can set their favorite tactics to respond to attacks from hundreds of different groups of monsters.

In the game, players can choose from 12 heroes with different skills and level up ; or choose warriors, hunters, witches, knights, priests, wizards from 3 big races, all with enhanced skills. By organizing them to overcome the power of monsters. In dealing with monsters with different skills and strengths, players must match different army races, to exert unexpected strength.

Click the screen to position and move the heroes, with skilled operations, you can easily hide from attacks and magic, with sophisticated positioning, you can make monsters gather and attack them heavily.
Monsters with more blood also have strong armor, but their ability to fight magic is quite weak. An archer can also kill him. For those wizards and skeletons, or monsters with remote damage capabilities, we advise players to control your heroes properly and kill them on time.
Every monster has its features and weak points; You can solve it yourself.

Azeroth Mod Apk (Free Purchases)