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Auto Heroes Mod Apk (MAX LEVEL VIP)

Auto Heroes Mod Apk
Auto Heroes Mod Apk When the Auto land is attacked by demons, the creature that is first awakened will become a hero who will save this world! Summon heroes from 6 different factions, gather gears, and grow stronger. Join the players from all over the world to save the country Auto from the devil!
[Auto Heroes Features]
This is an incremental game about strategy. Players can build powerful units and order them to fight with Automatic Heroes and destroy the demon king's scheme. Let's protect this Auto Holy Land!

1. A pleasant and enjoyable additional experience
As you work, study, and sleep, Automatic Heroes will continue to fight for you and challenge strong enemies to accumulate wealth. Enjoy the fun of being strong without hard work!

2. Prepare your formation and make smart strategies to challenge strong bosses
Analyze the situation, learn from your opponents. With different formations and positions, you can still defeat enemies easily in the same scenario!

3. Explore secret treasures in a random maze
Descended to the very foggy Auto ground, moving forward with eyes closed. Every choice you make leads to an unknown situation, it can be a trap, an inevitable battle, or divine equipment left by God. Only people blessed by God will have the most valuable treasure in the land of Auto!

4.Collect epic heroes, build strong clans
There are more than 60 heroes from 6 different factions in the land of Auto. They all carried out the mission to light the altar. Gather them, and order them to fight for you!

Auto Heroes Mod Apk (MAX LEVEL VIP)