A Kiss from Death Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

A Kiss from Death Mod Apk
You are given new eyes to see the world again ... but not everything is as it seems.

You take on the role of a heroine and experience romance with the grim reaper!

Your life is peaceful until you are involved in a mysterious accident that removes your ability to see. After receiving a corneal transplant from your father who is a highly skilled surgeon and regains your eyesight, it feels as if you are on the road to recovery. However, your new eyes have an unusual ability ... to see evil spirits. In the process of escaping from evil spirits, you meet three handsome strangers who save you and then claim themselves to be angels of death. Knowing that your newfound strength can make you lose your life, they give you protection ... as a personal bodyguard ?!

Are you going to let yourself be protected by the grim reaper and reveal the secret behind your eyes?

✙ Character✙

✵ Jasper
With an athlete's physique but a puppy's personality, Jasper often gets into trouble even if he doesn't mean it. Jasper is arrogant and a bit feminine but can also be very pure and always follows his heart.

✵ Tyler
Tyler, calm, and calm, tends to fight with Jasper because of their personality polarity. He is not afraid to express his opinion even at the expense of others and is considered rather arrogant. Tyler will tempt you for every reason you can imagine with an arrogant expression on his face, but can you find his weaknesses and find a way into his heart?

✵ Anders
Anders is the leader of the trio of death angels. His calm disposition was the key to breaking up the fight between Tyler and Jasper who were constantly attacking each other. Anders understands and cares, but you can say that there is more to him than is seen. Could there be something else behind his smile?

✵ Killian
You have been in love with Killian for as long as you can remember. Your father's loyal assistant, Killian is always there for you when you need him. He knows all the good and bad things about you, and you worry that he might still see you as a little girl. However, you still want to know him more than your father's assistant and it seems like he wants the same thing ?!

A Kiss from Death Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

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