Wild West Heroes Mod Apk (VIP MAX)

Wild West Heroes Mod Apk
Welcome to the wild west, a lawless land that is not tarnished by the greed and corruption of civilization.
Motivated by survival, ambition, or justice, some people choose to become sheriffs, merchants, statesmen, cowboys and prize hunters, while others choose to become bandits and robbers.
As a bounty hunter, you arrive in a new city chasing a group of bandits.
Unfortunately, the city has been badly damaged by bandits and needs to be restored. How would you protect a city in the west without law? How do you make him prosper and deal with the criminals around you? As the closest thing, this city has a law, you have a lot of work to do ...
Join Wild West Heroes and use your creativity to design and manage your city.
Meanwhile, take your revolver, mount your horse, fight bandits, hunt animals, catch criminals, collect bounties, and go on exciting cowboy adventures on wild borders

Wild West Heroes Mod Apk (VIP MAX)

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