Wild Castle: 3D Offline Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold)

Wild Castle: 3D Offline Game Mod Apk
A tower of defense, and also a stronghold! Collect afk prizes with standby mechanics.
Endless monster attacks want to destroy your castle for some reason.
Prepare your defenses and destroy your enemies with superior heroes, towers, and strategies.
Start with a small group of heroes and upgrade your small town into a mighty castle, one by one.

Wild Castle: 3D Offline Game  features
- The perfect game for fans of castles and castles
- Collect prizes during AFK
- Forward through waves when idle
- More than 10,000 waves of monsters to survive
- More than 60 classes of heroes, each with unique abilities
- More than 20 treasures that empower your defenses in different ways
- Hire workers to mine gold safely inside your castle because you can

Wild Castle: 3D Offline Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold)

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