Warage Mod Apk (Unlock all chapters)

Warage Mod Apk
Warage is a classic RTS that will take you to the magical fantasy world.
In this game you can: manage different units, build structures, increase troops, collect gold, cut wood, and more.


There are two warring factions that have various types of units to control on the battlefield.
You can build structures in places that are accessible on the map.
Warage RTS (real-time strategy) has a 2D isometric style. Those who like old school graphics will love it.
The game is free and you can play it offline (only campaigns)

In Warage you will get:

- Two campaigns filled with PvE missions (you can play them offline)
- Multiplayer PvP for up to 6 players
- PvP 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 team games, etc.
- classic controls with the addition of new and comfortable features
- Large scale PvP and PvE battles

Warage Mod Apk (Unlock all chapters)

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