Videogame Guardians Mod Apk

Videogame Guardians Mod Apk
★ Heart Blowing Big Update [Demon World] ★

Finally. Guardians get a New Pet !?
Funny appearance with Amazing Buff,
The funniest Power up project in the world begins!

[POINTS to Note]
● When the Devil Eggs hatch, a Devil resembling a Guardian is born!
● Demon fans who are similar to Guardians!
● Demons can grow up to 5 Stars ..! When it reaches 5 stars, its appearance also develops!
● On 5 Stars, Demon obtained [Demon Only Skill] ... This is SUPER power ...!
● Demon Content Open! Get Devil Eggs & new DNA chunks to improve Devil!
● Clear the stages with your own Strategy! Complete the mission to get more prizes!
● Don't miss various prizes and attractive prizes!


★ BIG ~ !! UPDATE [Confession of Guardian Faith: Gray Flag] ★

▶ Salty Strategic Battles on Pirate Ships!

▶ Strategically Organize Your Pirate Crew!
Only Stronger Pirates can Loot Bigger Treasures !!

▶ Travel with a World Map where Enemies Grow Stronger,
Defeat 20 enemies Max and become the Pirate King !!

▶ Don't Be Afraid to Beat, You Can Rise Again !!
Pirates Sailing Towards Gold Don't Stop !!

Videogame Guardians features

1. Automatic combat system! Idle RPG ~!
- Full-time workers 24/7, always working even when you log out
2. Defeat your enemy !! GLOBAL PVP!
- PVP World Series ~ Test your skills by competing against users from all over the world!
3. Real-time blockbuster Boss Raid! Come on Boss!!!
- Gather all the parties! We beat the boss together! Let's go, friend ~ !!
4. Let's climb the Pyramid!
- The higher you go, the more rewards you will get! Can't stop climbing!
5. Ways to be stronger; clear stage!
- Get powerful items, including Armors and Dragon Sword.
6. We are now recruiting new members!
-Recruit! Train! Advance!! Get a stronger LIMITLESS!
7. Hero Hero
- If the Hero is in danger, our best friend "Carrier Pigeon" will save and bring him 2 stages back.
8. Parody of the classic hidden game
- Classic nostalgic retro game is hidden all over the place ~!

Enemy will freeze when about to hit
It works in the dungeon, and other modes. Not tested in PVP

Videogame Guardians Mod Apk

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