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Truth or Dare v10.2.1 Mod Apk (All questions are unlocked)

Truth or Dare Mod Apk
Truth or Dare Mod Apk Want to know your real friends? Want to know interesting details about soulmate life, but don't dare to ask about it?

Then this application is a real search for you! You will receive a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions and new sensations that you have never experienced! This will definitely help you, and it will definitely not be boring!

Forget about other games - the "Truth or Dare" game not only helps melt the ice but also takes communication to a new level. Gather your company and be prepared for uncomfortable questions and fun assignments, with a little vulgarity!
This will fit anywhere:
- at the party 🥳
- romantic dating 🥰
- in bed 😏

Relax and enjoy a good time and unusual emotions.

🔥 Hundreds of original questions and assignments, fun, complex, and sometimes indecent.
🎲 Fashion for companies, couples who fall in love and for a new partner at the beginning of their relationship.
📊 5 difficulty levels, including packages for people under 18, and the ability to customize the game by adding your own questions and assignments or questions from any package.
🍭 Color choices for your mood, 4 themes available in the application.
✍️ Ability to increase the number of players, enter their names and choose gender, because this will depend on the subject.
⏱️ Release regular updates with the completion of task lists and questions!

Truth or Dare v10.2.1 Mod Apk (All questions are unlocked)