Triple Fantasy Mod Apk (1 hit kill)

Triple Fantasy Mod Apk
A world where imagination has come true
- You are the only one who can save the kingdom in trouble!
- Answer the royal call!

If you get the right combination, the damage is 100 times
- When getting a combination, attack power UP! RIDE! RIDE!
- Combination X Attribute X Skill, a simple but profound strategy
- Strategic battles!

Dot-image character
- beautiful dot character
- A variety of unique "general / rare / hero / legend" cards
- Not just cute! But this type of card is a good type of job

A game that's easy to handle
- Small data capacity
- One-handed game & vertical screen
- Free game without loading
- Possibility to continue playing at any time, even if you interrupt the game

■ The world of adventure without end!
#Kingdom - Save an endangered kingdom. Feel like a hero!
#Goblin Mines - Strategic Brain Power and Agriculture!
#Arena - Everyone is the same in Arena. Unexpected fight with random cards!
#Red Mountains - The chance to get a powerful monster card!
#Mad Assistant's Lab - Various monsters created by crazy scientists!

Triple Fantasy Mod Apk (1 hit kill)

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