The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles Mod Apk (All rooms are open/ Much money)

The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles Mod Apk
The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles Mod Apk Looking for free brain search for kids? Solve puzzles, open space in this brain game for kids games for girls: easy puzzles for kids logic games with an object finder!
🌟You find a brain search for kids free and a mystery game for kids! Try this room escape puzzle game for free!
Complete missions from Grandpus and explore each room in Tom Thomas's house in a brain game for 10-year-old children! Based on the cartoon The Fixies!
Think of a brain puzzle game for kids, fix all items carefully and conduct an investigation to successfully find the object of the game.

🔎There are two types of gameplay in kids logic games: detective games for kids and complete brain search for kids for free (kids logic development).
In the «quest» mode you will get missions and brain puzzle games for kids from Grandpus. To succeed, you need to complete a series of actions in children's games for 10 years free of charge such as finding game objects, placing them in the right place. Develop logical children in search games for girls to make things work, find objects and more

There are so many new things for children to learn about the world around them so that we can name this educational game app for preschoolers! 🌍 Play wisely and you will be able to find out how a metal detector works and where to use a screwdriver! Here's what you learn in brain games for 10-year-old children.

The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles features:
🔹 Three-room escape puzzle game
🔹 Room escape puzzle game
🔹 Educational game for preschoolers
🔹 Puzzle game for kids (children's puzzles)
🔹 Four detective games for kids free

The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles Mod Apk (All rooms are open/ Much money)

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