Strike Force Troopers Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

Strike Force Troopers Mod Apk
Become a team commander and upgrade your team and complete the level!

With each level completed, new troops will join your team.

Strike Force Troopers FEATURES
★ Navigate and click to give your team direction.
★ Collect medals to improve the abilities of your chosen troops at the beginning of each level.
★ Restore troop health in the game.
★ Rescue hostages from enemy hands.
★ Explode obstacles you find on the road and neutralize enemies.
★ Don't harm civilians, keep them away from danger.
★ Complete levels and get gold.
★ Buy new weapons to your team with the gold medal that you won.
★ Contact drone support when needed.
★ Throw bombs by dragging drop and destroy enemies.

Strike Force Troopers Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

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