Story Jar – Otome game dating sim Mod Apk (FREE PREMIUM CHOICES, Tickets)

Story Jar – Otome game dating sim Mod Apk
Story Jar – Otome game dating sim Mod Apk
♥ Beastmaster and Prince ♥
In the Cattleya Kingdom, you dream of becoming a skilled beastmaster like your mother ...
When you find your own beast, you meet four animals on the way.
After a while, you finally find out that they can speak the human language.
To your surprise, they are actually the lost princess of the Kingdom of Fasan!
They admit that the curse turned them into beasts.
Get ready to begin the journey to break the curse!

♥ Pirates ♥
You are a princess from a certain country. To protect the secret treasure that was handed down in your kingdom for generations, you and your partner, Nagisa, went to the open sea.
Pirates are dangerous looking for sensations.
A ship ordered by a prince from a powerful country where your fiance lives.
The Navy, guardian of peace and defender of justice.
A mysterious ghost ship full of secrets.
Whose help will you choose?
Start a new adventure in the sea filled with romance and excitement!

♥ Pretty Extraordinary ♥
Due to certain circumstances, you have decided to take part in the Queen F. Contest.
Behind this enchanting world, you will find a network of lies and deception.
Everyone has secrets no matter who they are ...
Are you ready to be the one who sits on the Queen's throne and steals the attention ?!

♥ Become Elite ♥
Your rich uncle suddenly died! You will inherit part of his will, including the famous Water Lily plantation. Together with three annoying butlers, you will spend the next three weeks training to appear in the community on an official debut.

♥ Stick of Luck ♥
In a magic school from a far country, there was a girl who was so bad at the magic that the professors did not know what to do with her. That girl is you.
At the end of your constant magic failure, professors seek help by transferring you to a completely different school.
The school is the Crea Mills School of Magic in the Latium City of Magic, the center of magic power where all would-be magicians dream to go.
Your heart is filled with great expectations as you step through the gates, only to deliver breaking news.
Naturally, all magicians have magic elements, but you don't have them.
Without anyone understanding the cause of your anomaly, it is considered to be harboring danger and possible danger.
You are required to get an element during the registration at Mills Crea.
Can you find the missing element?

Our king wants you to be the next queen ...!
Called by three foreign men, you are taken to a kingdom named Niflheim.
While getting to know cute and adorable Niflheim members, you come to meet the love of your life.
Who will be your eternal love?

♥ Mononoke Kiss ♥
"I will protect you. Now, make a decision."
Long ago, you, as a princess, were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You spend most of your days just enjoying a lucky life. That is until your castle is suddenly attacked by Mononoke.
You find that they are chasing ... you ?! But why?!
But don't worry! A handsome group of Mononoke will be by your side to protect you.
Forbidden love between humans and Mononoke will soon begin!

Story Jar – Otome game dating sim Mod Apk (FREE PREMIUM CHOICES, Tickets)

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