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Stickman Shooter : Gun Shooting Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COINS/FREE PURCHASE/NO ADS)

Stickman Shooter : Gun Shooting Mod Apk
Stickman Shooter : Gun Shooting Mod Apk Welcome to Stickman Shooter: Gun Shooter Game - the best action game for mobile -Do you want to test your reaction with Eagle Kill Shot?

Use Kung Fu Squad with a gun like a Japanese Ninja Warrior or a Chinese martial arts master, Thai Fighter.

Grab a gun and attack Soldiers attack one hundred, one thousand stickmen hunters, one million SWAT metal enemies, Zombie stickman (This stickman evolved from black to red).

Faster, faster, faster!

No need to be a sniper, shooter, shooter, and don't have to run, you only need to knock and knock to destroy all enemies in the stickman war.

********* How to play *************

- You have to destroy the killer stickmen from Up, Middle, Down on the screen.

- Contract: 100 points = 10 coins.

- Kill the thief you get 5 coins.

- Use coins to buy modern weapons in the shop

****** Weapon System *************
Lots of weapons in CS and CF !!!

- Pistol (Desert Eagle)

- Colt

- AK 47


- M60 (engine 60)

- M4A1

- Shot Gun (hunting rifles)

- Long-distance rifle

- Paintball

- Uzi.

- Crossbow

- Silverlight pistol

- Minigun.

****** Features ******

- You can choose so many weapons to destroy enemies.

- You can customize your stickman with thousands of costumes.

- Compare scores with everyone in the world.

- Share your high scores with all Social Friends like Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, MySpace, Instagram ...

- Reach the top of the world with a world ranking system.

- Play games anywhere and anytime! Because Stickman Shooter: Gun Shooter and Shooting games don't require that you are always online. You can play it on the road, on a plane, on the subway, in a car on the road, even in the temple. WELL? Simply put is an offline game!

Stickman Shooter : Gun Shooting Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COINS/FREE PURCHASE/NO ADS)