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Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk (UNLIMITED SKILL/DUMB ENEMY/NO ADS)

Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk
Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk Join our game Stick Hero Fighter - Supreme Dragon Warriors, feel all the skills and combos - that you just read comics as ki, kamehameha. Join the tournament, become a champion and super god Saiyan.
Enjoy the ultimate attack of the warriors, such as kemeha, dragon withdrawal, energy ball m, and ball of death, the battle game is here waiting for you, good luck in the most exclusive zS S pixel game.

Stick Warriors have the most basic control ever! You just have to dodge, jump, power your ki, become an ultra instinct and super hero Z warriors fight against invaders. Use the highest power, ultra ball shooting skills will kill all invaders in the shadow.

- 4 Game modes: Versus mode, Story mode, Tournament mode, and Training mode
- Versus mode: Face your favorite opponents directly in one-on-one battles. The winner will be determined after 3 rounds.
- Story mode: Go on an adventure of a lifetime to find your true strength. Travel all over the world and shout your war cry. Become the hero as you wish.
- Tournaments: The 16 best warriors are chosen to fight in the tournament. Defeating anyone may prevent you from achieving glory as a new champion.
- Training mode: Prepare yourself for a new trip. Here, you can practice fighting skills and try new characters. There is no time limit so you can fight with the doll as long as you want.
- 46 SSJ stickman warrior characters with unique dbz fighting style.
- Upgrade and unlock more than 46 unique special moves for each warrior.
- Super Saiyan Fighter Hero Fighter has the most basic controls ever!
- Ultra instinct character.
- Easy and Simple to play.
- Cool changing Saiyanz.
- Collect super fighters like this: ssj2 dragon, ssj3 z, ssj4, ultra instinct (ui), Xeno ... to become the strongest stickman warrior.

- KI Blast, Counter Skill, Power, Attach, Move, Teleport, Block.
- Power + Attach: super plug.
- Power + KI Blast: Ki Beam, Final Flash, Death Beam.
- Special skills: Energy Ball, Dragon Strike, Death Ball, Big Bang Attack.

Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk (UNLIMITED SKILL/DUMB ENEMY/NO ADS)