SNOW BROS. classic Mod Apk (Infinite Diamond)

SNOW BROS. classic Mod Apk
You can kick snowballs and blow enemies to defeat them and get sushi, potions and extra points.
Enjoy authentic arcades on mobile devices for free.

[How to play]
You can move your snowman left, right and jump on the screen and shoot snowballs.
You can change the position of the buttons in the game settings.

[Type of Potion]
Red Potion: Increase movement speed.
Blue Potion: Increase snowball strength.
Yellow Potion: Increased snowball shot range.
Green Potion: Turn into an invincible giant snowman.

[SNOW BROS. classic Features]
- Rolling with snowballs while being invincible.
- Rolling snowballs will eliminate enemies and leave lots of money at once.
- Delaying your stage time puts your snowman in danger when Pumpkin Ghost appears.
- Original size or full screen can be changed to in-game settings.
- You can start the game at full power by selecting "POWER UP START".
- Gather words S, N, O, W to get bonuses.
- Achievements and leaderboard supported.
- Supported 16 languages.

SNOW BROS. classic Mod Apk (Infinite Diamond)

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