ShadowSeven – 5vs5 Turn based PvP Mod Apk (x100 DMG/ x100 DEFENSE) + Obb

ShadowSeven – 5vs5 Turn based PvP Mod Apk
■ Introduction to ShadowSeven
Battle of seven leaders and mercenaries to prevent the revival of the seven demons that were sealed in the 7th kingdom for centuries.
Become a hero / heroin by winning the battle taking into account the characteristics of the leader and mercenary!


■ The excitement of various strategies
Create a winning strategy with a combination of 7 individual leaders and 36 mercenaries.

■ Unique stories and individual characters
- Meet a variety of characters that match the main story and the hidden side story.

■ Unique battle system
- Choose carefully every turn, like a board game, to win for battle games.

■ global real-time PVP
Experience PVP strategically with users from all over the world in real-time.

■ Various factors for increasing power
Collect pieces of character and make them stronger with the promotion system.
Create stronger characters with powerful equipment.

■ Access authorization for smartphone applications
Access is required to provide the following services when using the application.

ShadowSeven – 5vs5 Turn based PvP Mod Apk (x100 DMG/ x100 DEFENSE) + Obb

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