Reanimation inc – realistic medical simulator Mod Apk

Reanimation inc – realistic medical simulator Mod Apk
Reanimation inc – realistic medical simulator Mod Apk Reanimation inc is a fully realistic simulator - conditions and real emergencies, real help protocols used in emergencies, realistic simulations of the body! Do you like realistic games about drugs and simulators, games that you need to think about? You will be satisfied!

In the game, there is a real ECG monitor that shows EKG, heart rate, pressure, Pleth, blood oxygen saturation/oxygenation / SpO2

How to help patients without real knowledge? In this medical simulator, I carefully compiled a theoretical system - this is simplified but explains almost all manipulations carried out by medical assistants and emergency paramedics and EMT

What is interesting in this medical resuscitation and ambulance simulator?

- Idea.
I decided to make the most realistic ambulance simulator that would be able to explain body devices, first aid algorithms and medical assistance to players. I know - everything in the world can be explained!
Who knows, there might be a reason for Reanimation inc, one of the players recognizing a stroke and will call for an emergency, saving lives.

- Defibrillation.
Yes, You will learn how a defibrillator works and use it many times! You learn what is meant by "cardiac arrest", learn to test ventricular fibrillation, flapping, asystole, heart attack on an ECG.

- Resuscitation.
You have to do CPR (indirect heart massage, artificial respiration ventilation, inject drugs, defibrillation), immediately bring the patient to emergency treatment at the hospital.

- realism.
I was advised by doctors, paramedics, ambulance workers, EMTs. Medical students take part in testing.
22 diseases, 17 drugs, 8 actions, research.
Real algorithm of medical treatment, real resuscitation.

- A large number of medical repairs!
Ambulance Repair
Defibrillator enhancements
Opening of new medical courses
Improvement of lung ventilation
Increase endurance with indirect cardiac massage
Repair bleeding
Buy drugs
Repair dropper

- to declare
What medical simulators can be done without this disease? There are 22 of them in the game! Speaking of which, it's not easy to diagnose them.
Myocardial infarction (you must determine it by ECG and distinguish it from angina)
Heart failure
Lung edema
Bleeding, including internal
Anaphylactic shock
And many others!

- Drugs
Do you know why adrenaline is used? And what should be used in a stroke or COPD exacerbation?
This game has a large number of medicines for all occasions!
You must master a lot of emergency doctor's knowledge to save patients.

- Gameplay
What can Reanimation - biomedical simulation strategies offer?
You must be an ambulance doctor - go to the challenge, diagnose the disease, immediately help! Sometimes the patient's condition is so difficult that it is impossible to help him - a deadly disease will not wait.
Every patient is unique. Every disease is generated randomly. Therefore, your Reanimation inc section will be unique!

Reanimation inc is a realistic biomedical strategy simulator.
Amazing graphics!
Reanimation inc is a realistic anatomy and body tool.
3D ambulance model!
Reanimation inc is the original Ambulance Algorithm!
The medical theory in Reanimation inc is divided into several courses and given to players in stages.
You will definitely be interested in Reanimation inc if you are a doctor: doctor, student, paramedic, or only interested in drugs or like a simulator.
Reanimation inc contains a large number of drugs!
The number of diseases in Reanimation inc - 22!
In Reanimation inc there is real defibrillation, mechanical ventilation, and CPR!

Much money
Purchased off advertising, opening all modes and time acceleration

Reanimation inc – realistic medical simulator Mod Apk

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