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Ragnarok Tactics SEA Mod Apk

Ragnarok Tactics SEA Mod Apk
Ragnarok Tactics SEA Mod Apk The new round of battle has begun ...Ragnarok Tactics, a new epic Idle + Tactics system filled with games together with the iconic monsters from the Ragnarok series. Overcome difficulties with unlimited strategies and countless possibilities.

Ragnarok Tactics SEA feature

Summon more than 60 iconic monsters
An epic battle with countless strategic possibilities

Idle leveling system without having to log in
24 hour easy items that are easy and farm Zeny without logging in

Treasure Hunting System
Adventure with your friends to get a chance to get various items from the MVP boss

Essence System
Increase the potential of your monsters without stopping with this unique system

Caller Duel System
Battle other players and dominate the battlefield in real-time

1. Multiplier setter via the config file
2. Damage x1 – x20
3. Defense x1 – x20

INFO: 1. Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage permissions in the app settings first.
2. On the first start, the game will create in your /sdcard/ location a “PLATINMODS” folder with the platinmods_Ragnarok Tactics.txt inside.
3. The default settings on the first start are:
Attack Multiplier=20
Defense Multiplier=20
4. Open that file with a file editor and change the values to what you like (not over the max value we mention here).
5. Save the file to apply the changes.

Ragnarok Tactics SEA Mod Apk