Rage City: Streets of Gang Fighting & Fury Fighter Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)

Rage City: Streets of Gang Fighting & Fury Fighter Mod Apk
Rage City: Streets of Gang Fighting & Fury Fighter is an excellent 3d fighting game, a kung fu style attack game. Anger & fight through street fighters, gang bosses and clean the city full of bad people. Be a champion fighter in this retro style retro kung fu fury vs street gang game.

You are given many different defense and attack techniques to help you like punching, kicking, grabbing, throwing, and jumping. Use quick reflexes and special moves, release hard punch, punch kicks and perfect combos, defeat all opponents and become the best kung fu warrior. It's up to you to punch, kick, destroy and knock them all down. They are strong road warriors, so don't underestimate them!

Release your fist with a kung fu style attack. Collect coins and gems like superheroes by defeating street gangs and their unique bosses to improve your character's skills to be as strong as superheroes.


Play Exciting Game
Retro, old school beats them 3d fighter style games. Hit, kick, and fight past enemies and gangs. Collect stars to advance to the next level and open chapters!

Different Fighting Movements
Show off your special boxing battles to defeat martial arts styles and skills such as Kung Fu, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing to streetfighters and boss gangs. Discover lots of different combo skills and animations!

Difficulty Mode
Enjoy 4 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard and Crazy. Collect stars, get medals, and win characters and accessories as prizes!

Extraordinary Weapon
Pick up different types of weapons as you fight through alleys and bosses on city streets. Weapons like grenades, axes, pistols, knives, hammers, machetes, crowbars and more!

Lots of Character & improvement
Many characters with strong street battles and martial arts skills to choose from with various movements and animations! Upgrade them and make them as strong as a superhero!

Unique City Gang & Boss Fights
Anger & fight against different enemy gangs and their bosses on the city streets. Each enemy has different special skills and appearances, each boss is unique and they have special powers and unique fighting movements! Fight and defeat them all and save the city!

Unique Storyline
Each chapter has a unique story that is fun connected to city streets and street gangs and their bosses. Punch and kick through the city streets and become part of a unique storyline!

Customize your character
Lots of accessories to choose from and adapt to the character, choose from a variety of accessories such as party hats, funny masks, cool bags, helmets each accessory makes the hero character look cool and also helps improve character skills such as punching, kicking, health damage and weapons to help fight and defeat the gang and street boss.

Get a Gift
Play every day to get your daily login bonus and several other bonuses, win lots of prizes as you complete levels and defeat enemies!

Stunning Retro 3D graphics
Amazing 3D graphics with cool retro style gameplay with SFX and great music and smooth animations!

Rage City: Streets of Gang Fighting & Fury Fighter Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)

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