Racing Fever 3D Mod Apk
Racing Fever 3D is the best straight racing game in 2017! Through endless road traffic in this racing game to become an excellent racer. Earn gold coins, buy better cars, and finally endless racing car experiences.

Speed ​​up and test your car skills in the suburbs and drive on the road. Become a professional racer on an endless road. Earn gold coins and use them to improve, buy a new car or adjust your body to be more personal. With crazy cars for crazy nitro perversions. Raise your engine to its limits and feel the simulated driving style. And remember that parking is not allowed, to feel a different racing experience.

This is a new milestone in this type of racing game. Day and night, winter and summer, many cars and many tracks installed in different locations will give you fast pleasure. This racing game is the ultimate test of skill and dexterity. This game has a unique level of difficulty, easy to learn, but difficult to master. Players get points and play dynamically more prize points. An experienced racer like that can win more achievements, even after many games still having fun on his own.

Think of this racing game to give you a different racing experience. Perfect graphics, fun and fast-paced games, the smell of gasoline and smoke, and over time you can drive on the streets, highways, and highways in busy times. As a passionate racer, you must do your best to meet all the challenges. Pure adrenaline in transportation is a way of endless entertainment.

Use gold coins to upgrade your car so you can make your car better and faster. Your expertise and determination is the only limitation. Become the best professional racer in the world!

The game is inspired by real-life road racing, and to restore reality as a starting point, it can bring hundreds of hours of the best entertainment for players.

How to play:
Tilt the device or use the buttons on the screen
If you want to feel the speed, you have to press the accelerator button all the time
Don't forget to use the brakes, don't let the car break down
On the asphalt road racing

- impressive graphics
- A variety of high-performance vehicles to choose from
- Diverse asphalt paths
- Very different models
- speed ?? race on the freeway
- Avoid car crashes on the actual highway
- Improve the performance of your car by improving and destroying the system
- Customize the appearance of your vehicle, repaint painted, add some decals


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