Planet Regeneration Story Mod Apk

Planet Regeneration Story Mod Apk
** You will be very addicted !! Simulation games are well received by users **
Become a beginner god and regenerate a planet that has turned into a dry desert!
Easy to play but full of content, this is a "progress progress" simulation of planet regeneration.

* The only language used in this game is Japanese.


"The goddess", the head of the gods has unwittingly turned a planet full of green into a desert!
You, a novice god, have been appointed together with "RAMY", a servant of the goddess, to regenerate the planet.

[How to play]

* Bring back green to an abandoned planet!
-When tapping the empty land, that land will be planted with the power of green gods
-When a large field is planted with green, a destroyed village or city will appear!

* Revive the city, and increase its population and get special products!
-When a destroyed city is reborn, people on this planet will start living in that city and its population will increase gradually.
- As a token of appreciation, residents will give you special products on a regular basis.
-When you help residents who are in trouble, the level of the city will increase and you will see some changes in how the city looks!
-In addition, you might see a new specialty product ...?

* Strengthen the power of gods!
-Special products that you have received can be given to residents with problems.
-When you help people, gratitude will accumulate and "god-level" will increase!
-You can get new strength whenever your level rises, and this allows you to remake the planet more effectively!

* There are many tricks in the fields
-Rocks and magmas that interfere with the regeneration of the planet can be destroyed by the power of gods!
-Help animals in trouble and relax.
-When you hold a festival at the Mystic Temple, the population will increase dramatically!
-Mysterious ruins scattered throughout the planet. When you remade them, you might see some new abilities ...?

Bring greenback to land, increasing population, and aim for the full regeneration of the planet!

Unlimited physical strength
Angel feather use will not decrease but increase

Planet Regeneration Story Mod Apk

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