Physics Puzzle Idle Mod Apk (Unlimited use of gold coins)

Physics Puzzle Idle Mod Apk
Are you fast enough? Test the speed of your actions and reactions as you knock your way to success in Physics Idle Puzzle - the ultimate idle ball game.

In Idle Puzzle Physics, you are the master of construction, speed, and success. The faster you knock, the faster the balls will roll and reach their destination. And that means coins, honey!

Levers, gears, slides, dominos, drops, and more stand between you and your destination.

Make your way to an idle game victory!

Release the balls into your special mechanism and watch as they travel along the route. Will they succeed? Or do you have to start the game all over again? The challenge is in your hands.

Can you be a soccer tycoon? Every time you get a ball into a hole, you get more coins. And that coin means you can improve the mechanism of moving the ball - add more parts for more fun!

In this exciting propeller game, victory is at your fingertips. So, go on turbo and tap, tap, tap your way to success!

Physics Puzzle Idle Mod Apk (Unlimited use of gold coins)

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