Phantomoon Mod Apk (Enemy Freeze)

Phantomoon Mod Apk
Phantomoon Mod Apk Hi ~ I'm Navigator 2501 from Analog Technology.
To get rid of your anxiety, anxiety, and boredom, resolve your confusion and boredom about the real world!
Within the internal test limits
(ง • ̀ 灬 • ́) ง Landing will send a large number of diamonds, ten immortal GACHA per day (ง • ̀ ㅂ • ́) ง

Modular technology is here for you, the carnival stage that can be easily accessed via a mobile device: Eternal Night City Phantomoon City!
When you become an ordinary resident, you will have more unexpected fun!
After entering the game, 2501 will continue to serve you ~ Are you ready to eat a piece of cake?

[Phantomoon Features]
>> shoot biubiu water gun
Various kinds of weapons, with special decomposed water source bullets
A water gun with a girl, full of elasticity ~

>> Girl matching system
You will fit the system ... I mean ... girls, explore the city and defeat monsters.

>> Super many tactical props
When firing a water gun, you can get a lot of special tactical props, and get new ship experience in every battle.

>> Big Wave Monster Strikes
Machines mutate, infect humans, unknown creatures are fully deployed? !!
Challenge yourself, find partners, and defeat all enemies together!

>> Various special events
Will you face various events in battle, is that a moral loss? Or the deviation of human nature?
Do not be surprised! Anything that can happen is the entertainment of the City of Phantomoon.

>> Featured team match
Get the most popular entertainment products on capsule machines: the girl's faith!
Spin around the girl's beliefs, with various weapons and accessories, to develop the strongest team.
Advance with the girl into the future and achieve ultimate happiness!

Use BYPASS APK to complete tutorial then install MOD APK over BYPASS and continue

Phantomoon Mod Apk (Enemy Freeze)

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