PC Futbol Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited coins/cash/energy)

PC Futbol Legends Mod Apk
PC Futbol Legends Mod Apk PC Futbol Legends is a dynamic soccer arcade game that is played in medium-sized fields without faults or gameplay. It is really in line with the old football games of the 90s. The most important feature of the game is humor and fun. You will have a great time while playing!

Soccer is based on fun and teamwork. It doesn't matter if you are on the pitch or play with the game console sitting on the couch with your friends. PC Fútbol Legends bravely recalls the glory days of arcade soccer games, bringing back memories of cult classics we all know With its approach to classic gameplay thanks to its vintage but not very serious touch and its artistic and creative touch, PC Soccer Legends is a perfect game for people who are bored of football managers or hardcore simulators. You just have to take your command, get comfortable and play!

PC Soccer Legends move away from the rigidity of the simulators and their realism. The game takes us to those retro games with fluid gameplay, but at the same time uses the development technology of the current games.

The controls of the game are simple and include the pass, the balloon, and the shot or the entrance and the push to steal the ball. During the match, teams can get temporary powerups such as super-sprint, super-shots or super-entries.


- Dynamic and nostalgic gameplay that worship arcade soccer games
- Ideal for sofa gamers & games
- Who needs rules? Neither faults nor gameplay!
- Legendary players took as a reference
- International Cup and League mode
- 52 national teams
- 28 hand-designed trainers
- Humor. Soccer managers and simulators are boring. Let's get back to the fun on the pitch!

PC Futbol Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited coins/cash/energy)

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