Mystic Code : Choose your path Mod Apk

Mystic Code : Choose your path Mod Apk
Mystic Code : Choose your path Mod Apk Become a mystic investigator and chase the killer.
Supernatural murder mystery game - Mystic Code!

Mythical creatures with unique animal or plant features are called "Mystics."
In a world where Humans and Mystics live side by side, unprecedented cases of murder occur and threaten peace!

The victims who died were a police officer and Mystic Gumwa (Golden Frog).
There is a dead frog found at the murder scene.

What is the killer trying to say?

This case was forwarded to the Mystical Investigation Unit, MIU.
They reopened the darkest cold cases in the past.

Only 'they' can see how the case is connected.
Using their sharp instincts, they began to hunt down the killer!

Mystery Visual Novel, Mystical Code.

- 25 chapters of interesting and thrilling visual novels!
- How you conduct your investigation will lead to several different ends so choose wisely!
- There are many types of tips, including bad tips that you should try and avoid.
- Side stories to give you more information about the main stories!
- Talented voice actors that will truly draw you to the world!

Unlimited Clovers
Unlimited Hearts
Unlimited Keys
Everything will be set to 1000 but will never decrease and it’s more than enough to buy anything you want.
Do not buy many things or try to complete many chapters in a single day, as there is a chance of ban

Mystic Code : Choose your path Mod Apk

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