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My Success Story business game v2.1.9 Mod Apk

My Success Story business game Mod Apk Are one dollar in your pocket and one room in the hostel you have now? Prove that you were born for a better life! Become a successful businessman, earn millions of dollars, and run your own company in the "My Success Story business game".
Write your own success story

Achieve all the goals alone: ​​get a first job, rent an apartment, and start climbing the career ladder. Save money to start your own business. How long does it take to make your first million? It depends on you. You have all the opportunities in "My Success Story business game".

What goals will you have in "My Success Story business game"?

- Do you want to live in your own home? Find a job to rent your first apartment;
- Do you dream of a brilliant career? Graduated from university to take a high position;
My Success Story business game Mod Apk
- Is social status important to you? Get married and make family improve your position in the community;
- Do you have millions of dollars, but that's still not enough? Win at the casino and bet on the stock market to double your income;
- Do you want to drive a luxury car? You can buy as many cars as you want with all your wealth. And you will still have enough money to buy a few villas, private planes, or even an island!

Instructions for receiving money:
Start a new game;
Create a character;
Minimize the game;
Click on the Continue button;
Select your save.

My Success Story business game v2.1.9 Mod Apk