Mall of the Dead:Romance you choose Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices)

Mall of the Dead:Romance you choose Mod Apk
■ Synopsis ■

With a new promotion under your belt, life doesn't look too bad. But one day, a strange incident occurred in the mall where you work involves a man who is trying to bite a customer! Chaos spreads quickly because you have just witnessed the start of a zombie outbreak! You managed to escape with colleagues and managers from a rival shop, but the situation only gets worse when you find yourself trapped together with other survivors in a shopping mall.

Can you escape this nightmare? Can romance be in the zombie apocalypse? Find out in this exciting new thriller!

■ Character ■

Courageous Coworkers - Sam
Sam is your colleague and can be a bit bossy, but he is a responsible person who cares about other people. Despite the madness of this situation, he does his best to try to keep you and the other survivors safe. Are you there to support him?

The Ice-cold Manager - Glen
Glen is the manager of a rival shop and is known for his efficiency which is almost like a computer in terms of his work. Being a former special force, it takes a lot of things to bother this person, but is there more behind the ice exterior?

The Mysterious Survivor - Weber
Kind, but a little shy, Weber is the survivor that you help. At first, he seems hesitant to struggle out of this nightmare, but when in danger, you witness a completely different side of this mysterious individual ...

Mall of the Dead:Romance you choose Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices)

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