Magic School Story Mod Apk (Infinite Gem)

Magic School Story Mod Apk
Ever wanted to build and manage a magic school? Expand your school and improve the class. Register new students and watch them graduate. Do quests, fight dragons in adventure, go mining, and play match-3 to collect ingredients! Play with friends to help each other!

Magic School Story FEATURES
- Build and customize your own dream magic school from the ground up!
- Many classes, facilities, and decorations at your fingertips! Elements, Potions, Fly Sweep, Totem, Kage Bunshin, choose! Upgrade them to change their appearance, stats, and effects!
- Register new special students and watch them develop from new students to powerful professors after graduation!
- Play match-3 to collect material and improve your class!
- Be the best magic school and show off on the leaderboards! Make your friends jealous!
- Add your favorite friends and exchange help with them!
- Throw magic at your school and get lots of coins!
- Do quests and adventures to get more resources!
- Be sure to look forward to the live event!

Magic School Story Mod Apk (Infinite Gem)

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