Legends of Heropolis Mod Apk

Legends of Heropolis Mod Apk
The city of Heropolis has been destroyed! Can you rebuild it into a center of justice once more?
Grow your hero, gather your friends and fight opponents in this superhero simulation game.

In a city devastated by evil Evilcorp, all hope seems lost ... but the flame of justice is not so easily extinguished. One heroic hero will not rest until their city is restored to its former glory.
Build secret bases, gather heroes from far and wide, and bring peace back to Heropolis!

Rebuild the city as you wish; shops, roads and other facilities are ready to help you.
Register your friend's heroes and work together to form a strong battle team. With your power combined, you can destroy Evilcorp once and for all!

Customize avatars, vehicles and more to make this superhero story truly yours!

1. Infinite Stamina
2. Infinite Coin
3. Infinite Meat
4. Infinite Friend Point
5. Adfree
6. Infinite Money

Legends of Heropolis Mod Apk

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