Idle Plague Mod Apk (Lots of money)

Idle Plague Mod Apk Idle Plague is the most INFECTIOUS idle game out there! Infect and take over host world after host, while exploring low beautiful 3D low organs!
Set out on your idle outbreak search by recruiting fellow microbes. Microbial taps You will need help from his friends πŸ‘«!

- Improve your microbes and spread the plague πŸ›
- Unemployed, recruiting, and increasing a large number of bacteria and viruses to produce many toxic poisons
- Unlock organ and infection with outbreaks one by one πŸ”‘
- Idle microbial mutations to evolve ⚗️
- Melting unemployed bacteria and viruses to make new microbes with special benefits πŸ”¬
- Fight the plague boss for prizes and special prizes πŸŽ‰
Idle Plague Mod Apk
- Activate and develop special boosters ⚡️
- Set off on a daily search and receive prizes for completing it ⛰
- Kill hosts with subsequent outbreaks and infections to produce host digest int

Challenge yourself in the standby strategy and find your next addiction in this unique outbreak game 🀟!

Main feature:

- Infectious bugging
- Beautiful handmade low-poly 3D game
- Inspired by real organs, bacteria, viruses & outbreaks
- offline gameplay
- addictive boss fights
- Based on the human body
- Infection skill tree
- Many improvements & mutations and many achievements

Idle Plague Mod Apk (Lots of money)

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