Idle Civilization: World History Mod Apk

Idle Civilization: World History Mod Apk
Idle Civilization: World History Mod Apk This is a simple strategy where we play on behalf of the anonymous ruling class, develop its productive forces, and replace socio-economic formation.

In the game, you will pass the entire history of mankind from primitive communities to future classless societies with technology for interstellar flight and time travel. The story depends on the choice.

Increased productive forces will occur within the framework of real historical events: Marathon battles, the Phoenician War, the fall of Rome, the Crusades, industrial or socialist revolutions.

Nothing was predetermined: a wrong move in the economy of the young Soviet republic, and it would end. You don't show enough rigidity as an imperialist predator, and the bigger person eats you. The lack of reformism and reaction from the Soviet government and the outcome of the Cold War is not a foregone conclusion.

All of this is flavored with craft watercolor graphics;)

Endless hearts (they can only be obtained by viewing ads and donations);
Unlocked all paid content;
Removed ad serving;
Only in fashion [Unlocked / free shopping] : money increases when spending

Idle Civilization: World History Mod Apk

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