Horse Haven World Adventures Mod Apk (A large number of coins)

Horse Haven World Adventures Mod Apk
Create and manage a dream horse farm that includes several exotic sites around the world.
Ride the perfect horse companion and join together in fun races and activities!

- MAKE YOUR HORSE DREAMS HAVE AROUND THE WORLD: a majestic farm in the US, a charming stud farm in France, a charming valley in Germany, a beautiful rural town in England and a beautiful Fantasy Island.

- Raise THE BEST HORSES: nurture, nurture, feed, and care for your horse friends to help them grow from foals to adults!

- STOLEN by unique HORSE and unique PONI from the most famous: Gypsy Vanner, Black Forest, Arabic, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, Shetland Pony, Quarter, Mustang and many more.

- Match your champions with your FRIENDS to unlock the rarest and best horses!

- CUSTOMIZE your horse with stylish saddles and plush leg wraps.

- CAPTURE and SHARE their best performances with your friends.

- Run STEEPLECHASE WORLDWIDE and compete in the most beautiful settings: Rio de Janeiro Hill, Northern Lights of Lapland, Japanese cheerful flowers, and more.

- CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS to win trophies and climb the daily leaderboards!

Horse Haven World Adventures Mod Apk (A large number of coins)

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