God of Era: Heroes War Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

God of Era: Heroes War Mod Apk
God of Era revolves around fierce battles of epic heroes.

World War broke out when magical power was liberated, all the world fell into darkness and chaos. A new Legendary order needs to be formed, and this is when the war and Clash of Heroes begin.

Epic Heroes must fight monsters to increase their strength and prove their strength.
After strength is trained with their warriors, they will compete.
Who the winner will be praised epic time - God of Era.

Explore the exciting world map in God of War where tough new opponents wait to challenge your fighting skills ...

With your warriors to each land to fight to regain control of that land.

Deity Era: War of Heroes is a role-playing action game (ARPG) where you - your Epic Heroes and Warriors participate in major wars, such as Clash of Heroes along with the soldiers who stand and unite the kingdom.

Epic Heroes feature
- The hero system is very diverse: Soldiers come from different lands, have different fighting styles and skills.
- Heroes are upgraded from the resources obtained when winning
- Boss System: Daily Bosses and World Bosses to Legend are conquered
- You can organize your Hero Team with Legend Heroes and join the Storm Heroes in the Great War.
- Army Support System for each Warrior: Each Warrior will be assisted by Heroes who are gathered after each War.
- Game maps in this Warrior game with various themes ranging from forests, volcanoes, snow to cities, desserts that make the world of Clash of Heroes. Bring interesting experiences for each Legendary Campaign.
- Daily Duty System for Soldiers, complete missions and receive upgrades to become Legendary
- Players can use the Automatic mode to let the Hero control the War and win.
- Lucky bonus for gathering resources for Warrior
- Daily prizes for receiving Legend bonus every day.

How to play
- Summon more than 10 legendary heroes and legend warriors and gather them into a strong army
- Search for items and complete them to increase the strength of the hero
- Defend daily bosses and attack big bosses in this Warrior game.
- Improve and enhance to strengthen them
-Be smart, organize your team and strategy to fight other players

God of Era: Heroes War Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

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