Flip This House: 3D Home Design Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives, Boosters)

Flip This House: 3D Home Design Mod Apk
Flip This House: 3D Home Design Mod Apk Have you ever needed a home makeover, changed your interior design, or updated a room? Of course, you have! What if you can't afford it? Looking for a loan? Pinch & swipe?
NO! Take the phone and contact Puzzle.tv! It's time to escape and care for the landscape! Maybe you whose dream of design will be fulfilled this time by Pearl, Harvey & their crew! Relocate, REdesign, REward (people)!

New creative hobby
Flip This House - one of the most relaxing home design games ever made! This design, renovation & sale game gives you control over the entire house design, interior renovation crew set a mission to redesign, renew, and/or rebuild the house from scratch and even sell it thanks to the unique house fin mechanics.

Easy and relaxed gameplay
If you are tired of the constant challenges of landscapes & other home design games, Flip This House is a perfect choice. This free game lets you step in the position of a real 3D home designer, enhancing your creative thinking. Whether you are decorating a house or making flowers in a blooming garden, it is an unthinkable excitement to see how the design of an old house turns into a shiny new building.

Amazing character game
In your new home design work, you meet Pearl, who is responsible for the latest Puzzle.tv shows, which make people's interior design dreams come true. His optimism, passion for home renovation and DIY attitude are supported by the skills of building & repairing a craftsman called Harvey. But who is the real star of Flip This House? Fins for sure - the only DOGTASTIC home designer!

Another episode, another life changes
Every episode of Flip This House stars good people in need. Are you going to redesign the interior decoration or will it be a total renovation? Choose paint, chairs, tables, windows, sofas, and garden designs. Not everyone needs to live in a luxury home, but it is up to you whether guests refer to the results of your home building efforts as "my home".

Repair, repair and ... sell?
Repairing and repairing houses is only one side of the coin. Some characters renovate a house just to sell it - how will you make their dream home more expensive? Completing the room with luxury items or destroying & rebuilding it to create a 3D design that is really fresh? Games like Flip This House rarely offer such landscape freedom and creativity, so prepare yourself for a new home flipping adventure!

Challenge your mind with a match-3 puzzle game
Whether you design, renovate, repair, repair, or just decorate a home, your funds will never end. Still, you can invest more by playing fun match-3 games! The gameplay is basically easy: match 3 game elements (gems) in a row to eliminate them; Match them in longer boxes or lines to make bombs, fireworks, and other things to make explosions, break glass, and much more! After you try this puzzle game, you won't stop matching!

Decoration problem!
With each level, there are other match-3 challenges. Win power-ups like hammers or rockets to make work easier! Eventually, you will become a successful home builder or home designer who saves others from living in a poorly designed home, poorly decorated with a damaged garden. Turn this house over now!

Flip This House: 3D Home Design Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives, Boosters)

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