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Defense Legend: myth TD Mod Apk (No change in the use of gold coins)

Defense Legend: myth TD Mod Apk
Defense Legend: myth TD is the most anticipated and visually amazing Tower Defense game on the mythical TD theme. See why we are called one of the best tower defense games and why we are one of the fastest-growing tower games. Enjoy a td game inspired by myth with lots of tense moments. A smart strategy is needed if you want to dominate and protect towers.

We believe that our Tower Defense - Strategy game is one of the most unique, especially in the new generation. With a new breakthrough, the success inherited from the previous generation of tower defense and there is a dramatic increase in the Defense game category brings a more pleasant experience. You will see visual and sound improvements from the first time you play this myth-inspired strategy and game!

Legend of Defense: myth The TD tower system has invested a lot of gray matter, each weapon has a different function and using the tower on time is the main strategy to win in the Defender game. Explore the tower and use strategic smarts. Don't be in a hurry and manage your funds smartly to dominate the free tower defense strategy game.

Like in the best tower defense games in Legend Defense: mythical TD players must use Tactical and Strategic defense at every level to win. Each level is different so anticipate quickly and intelligently use tools and weapons to win it and stop enemies from destroying your tower.

★.: Tower Defense: Legend of Defense: mythical TD:. ★

+ 40 campaign level maps & enjoy endless mode!
+ 30+ types of enemy units
+ 6 types of towers, Each tower has 4 levels of increase.
+ Free combination of all towers.
+ 2 game modes: Campaign & Endless.
+ You can increase more power of your tower, which will give you more fun
+ One of the most unique free games available to play online for Android

Defense Legend: myth TD Mod Apk (No change in the use of gold coins)