Death School Mod Apk (Free Premium choice)

Death School Mod Apk
Avoid the death trap and escape from the damned school with three cute girls by your side!

☆ Synopsis ☆

Find your perfect anime girlfriend in the unique bishoujo game from Japanese Genius Studio!

Your life in middle school looks pretty normal. You go to class, study, hang out with friends and generally only do what every other high school student does. But one day, a mysterious and beautiful transfer student joins your class and he says that there is something evil hiding in your school. You and others think of it only as an overactive imagination.

The day ends and you will go home when you arrive at a terrifying discovery ... You are trapped in school by a mysterious power! Luckily, you are not alone. Your childhood friend, the head of the literature club where you joined and transfer students are also trapped in school. However, you quickly discover that the evil forces that are in the school want you to die ...

Can you avoid the deadly trap and escape the vengeful ghost curse?


The Energetic Leader – Rei
Rei’s been your friend for as long as you can remember and though she’s a bit tsundere, you get along with her. She’s a natural-born leader who can take charge of any situation, but she tends to shoulder the burden on her own.

The Mysterious Transfer Student – Meiko
Meiko has a connection with the supernatural and was the first to notice the evil forces that lurked the hallways of the school. She’s undeniably beautiful, but her eccentric ways have made her a bit of a loner.

The Optimistic Bookworm – Natsume
Natsume is the head of the literature club that you’re a part of and tends to take life at her own pace. She’s popular amongst the club members and is supportive of her fellow literature fans.

Death School Mod Apk (Free Premium choice)

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