Dances with Destiny:Romance you choose Mod Apk (Free premium choices)

Dances with Destiny:Romance you choose Mod Apk
Dances with Destiny:Romance you choose Mod Apk
■■ Synopsis ■■
You are a young woman who struggles to maintain her family's file and work part-time at the local market. On the night of your debut in the community as an adult, you attended the Ball of Indigo Flowers. While there, you meet a mysterious man who sweeps you and attracts you with his courtesy. He disappeared before you could talk more with him. Suddenly a man drags you to the dance floor, and you realize that he is your childhood friend, who is believed to have been killed in a war between humans and ghosts. Surprised and overwhelmed, you decide to attend a party at his house the following night. Once again, you meet a mysterious man who pays attention to your scent, and his mysterious but handsome brother. While on the terrace, you are suddenly attacked by a man with bright red eyes ... a ghost! Your childhood friend saves you, but you find yourself attracted to the world of ghosts, learn more about them and war. Three handsome men with their own personalities and opinions accompany you, each racing to get your attention. But questions and dangers bother you. What power do you have that extinguishes the great anger of ghosts? Who is the person who tried to kill you? And who will finally claim your heart?

■■ Character ■■
・ Gilbert
Your childhood friend who bravely served in the war between ghosts and humans. Plagued with amnesia and hatred of ghosts, he becomes stubborn and possessive, but he has a soft spot for you and always makes sure you are safe.

・ Xeno
A mysterious and dignified man. He is a perfect man, always treating you like a princess. His attraction to your scent compensates you a little, but his kindness and good behavior quickly make you win.

・ Yoel
Enigmatic and objective, Joel is Xeno's younger brother. He looks cool and doesn't care, but deep down he just wants someone to understand it. His intelligence and talent in playing the piano make you think warmly about him.

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Dances with Destiny:Romance you choose Mod Apk (Free premium choices)

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