Crumble Zone Mod Apk (Unlimited gems)

Crumble Zone Mod Apk
Crumble Zone is an action-packed arcade game about little green aliens who work hard just to fight for their tiny planets. The problem is shooting down asteroids while spinning around a planet to get the highest score possible.

Comet accident! Blow up a meteoroid! Destroy and destroy threatening asteroids with powerful weapons! Use extraordinary explosive waves. Fire the missile until there is nothing left. Save the planet as long as possible! Generate valuable diamonds and gems to unlock special weapons!

Crumble Zone Features:

• Original and challenging single-player missions
• Multiplayer mode!
• Action-filled space shooters
• Vibrant artistic graphics, optimized for retina display
• Levels that are challenging but easy to learn and easy to control
• Eight special weapons to get!
• Procedurally generated levels that differ each time!
• Achievement

Crumble Zone Mod Apk (Unlimited gems)

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