Cookies Must Die Mod Apk (Force a box purchase and get unlimited diamonds)

Cookies Must Die Mod Apk
Cookies Must Die Mod Apk Meet Jack. Jack is a super-secret agent with special powers implanted in his body by government scientists!
He must stop a group of evil, mutant cakes, and their powerful bosses before they reduce the city to rubble!
Hurry up! Take the best weapons and sling into the battlefield! Begin an intense and exciting war.
Destroy your enemies, survive the attack, defeat the big boss with your smart moves and skills.

Remember! Cookies must die ... even the sweetest.

The biggest challenges you can find are already here, spiced up with mere moments of platforming and destruction.
It's time to become a true hero! Destroy and destroy as many enemies as you can (deadly jellies, angry cookies, threatening chocolates, and many sweet but dangerous characters).
Cookies Must Die is a fast-paced, platform-based epic action game with gameplay that is easy to play but difficult to master. Just swipe enough to jump or run and use the slow-motion effect to shoot with extreme precision. The slow-motion effect makes the whole game feel like you are in the Matrix. You can trigger slow motion when changing direction and make it through a corridor filled with mutant cookies without taking a single hit.
Get ready for a very addictive game with lots of surprising moments.

Cookies Must Die Mod Apk (Force a box purchase and get unlimited diamonds)

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