Call of Mini™ Squad Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Call of Mini™ Squad Mod Apk
This is a world that is harassed and attacked by walking dead and lives that were previously peaceful and facilitated were completely destroyed. However, a group of people still earn a living. It is you!

Even though you have built a shared shelter with your friends, you are still suffering and gloomy as a leader. Days without supplies are offered the same as counting down deaths. So, to survive and search for more survivors, you must bring your rescue team to find all the resources that can be used continuously.

Be sure to remember: You must guard against not only walking dead but also ...... in the forward path.


Call of Mini™ Squad features:
• In gutters, prisons and research institutions …… more than ten cruel pseudo-natural creatures are rampant in every corner of the city.
• Choose and build your brave-dead corps among many clearly defined heroes and make a concerted effort to win each battle.
• One-person hero or group hero? Players can freely change their battle models to face challenges.
• With a free and variable development system, customize your own superhero.
• With many team fans, increase the ability of members on each battle team.
• A beautiful and colorful skill system will double your abilities in battle and win with one action not a myth anymore.

Call of Mini™ Squad Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

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