Bridge Strike – retro arcade shooter Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

Bridge Strike – retro arcade shooter Mod Apk
Bridge Strike is a tribute to the classic River Raid game.

Do you remember when you were a child and you played SHMUP arcade games night and day?

Bridge Strike is not an ordinary arcade shooting game, where you fly anywhere on autofire and destroy enemies. You have to think while flying. You have to be careful because not every time faster means better 🙂

If you are good enough, you will be able to change your glyph to eg. heli, hovercraft or even ship!


In this mode, you must destroy as many bridges as possible. Fly as far as you can, fight with enemies and get lots of points. Thanks to the points you will get the attention of other pilots around the world! Yes, there is a leaderboard!


Build your pilot rank. Complete various missions, collect coins, and buy a new machine!


Villages, cities, deserts, and even mountains. Such a huge terrain to explore!


When there is sun don't wait. Just fly, Unfortunately, sometimes there is rain or thunderstorms with thunder (dangerous clouds when there is thunder, you might fall).

Fly in the mountains? Get ready for snow or a snowstorm!

What is the worst-case scenario?

Fly alone ... at night, during thunderstorms with lightning. Nobody said it would be an easy task? 🙂


Be careful with boats, helicopters, jeeps, airplanes, and tanks. Oh yeah ... there's also a magnetic mine 🙂


- TRUE pixel-perfect 2D graphics
- Classic arcade gameplay
- Fantastic sound and music
- two game modes: RAID and CAMPAIGN
- various weather conditions
- Very cool location
- leaderboards and achievements
- Different engines: jet, helicopter, boat, hovercraft and more!
- addictive gameplay

Bridge Strike – retro arcade shooter Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

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