Bird BnB Mod Apk (Currency use does not decrease but increases)

Bird BnB Mod Apk
Have you ever dreamed of getting away from the daily grind, maybe even having your own Bed and Breakfast? Get crafted, design your B&B, take care of unique guests and get 5-star ratings! When your ranking goes up, you open more rooms and attract more visitors! Gather their photos in your special guestbook! Oh, did we mention that your guest is a bird? And you can switch to AR (Augmented Reality) and see your furry friends appear in your own home !?

At Bird BnB, you will meet Pepper and Mango, your charismatic guide to the BnB business! Both can really use a few hands turning an empty old tree into a hotel destination for small world travelers.

Game Highlights

- Build your own B & B Bird in a peaceful tree environment
- Design your tree by making choices for birdhouses, nests, and other furniture. Every tree is unique!
- Grow a garden to provide breakfast for your guests and use your design skills to decorate your trees with what they need - work your way towards an elusive 5-star rating.
- The higher your rank, the more unique characters will fly for you to build and collect in your hotel visitor book!
- All birds are based on real species from all over the world, and include real songs for every feathered friend!
- Meet V.I.B.s (very important bird) with unique names and funny stories.
- This game is built with AR as an option! If you want to experience a moment of magical connection with your bird friends, switch to AR mode and see your birds jumping right in front of you, wherever you are! Can you take photos of your birb friends with one of your real pets? Take photos in your own lounge, on the roof, in the park, or at a famous landmark!

Bird BnB Mod Apk (Currency use does not decrease but increases)

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