Be A Man: Do The Right Thing – Funny Mod Apk

Be A Man: Do The Right Thing – Funny Mod Apk
Be A Man: Do The Right Thing is an awkward situation puzzle game, good results or disaster depending on the player's actions. This is a game about being a modern human being: Someone who is emotionally, psychologically, mentally, spiritually, physically, nutritionally, and socially balanced while being careful and considering living in processed foods that are food free, GMO-free, free of negative energy, BPA free of life, body-positive, socially conscious who is egalitarian but also authoritative, nurturing but independent, gentle but not too permissive, charming and fun but serious when he needs to, have a six-pack killer AND a father -But, fluent in foreign secondary languages ​​and even might be able to defuse a bomb if he needs to .... And don't forget yoga! Namaste!

- Casual Scenario Based Puzzle Game
- Problem-solving
- More than 30 funny scenarios each with several tips
- Innovative control through touch, movement, and sound to interact creatively with your environment
- The funniest game of the year
- Probably the sweetest mobile game you have ever played! Guarantee to put some hair on your chest!
- As long as you make a choice, there is no right or wrong!

All hints for unlocking.
After the level fails, click the light bulb icon to view

Be A Man: Do The Right Thing – Funny Mod Apk

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