Be Her Hero Mod Apk (Free Premium choices)

Be Her Hero Mod Apk
You are a hero and your job is to save cute girls from crime organizations!

☆ Synopsis ☆

Find your perfect anime girlfriend in the unique bishoujo game from Japanese Genius Studio!

Life isn't easy being the only superhero in town and it's even harder when you have to balance it with middle school life! However, somehow, you managed to keep your identity a secret even from your childhood friends who really liked the shape of your superheroes.

That all changes when you save a girl from your school who somehow discovered your secret identity! Fortunately, he has become your ally, but you cannot maintain your defense! One of the hottest girls in school seems to have a grudge against your superhero form and she is looking for revenge ...! Are you able to balance the relationship between the three girls, your school work and life as a superhero ?! Find out in "Be Her Hero!"


The Easygoing Childhood Friend – Luka
Luka’s been your friend for as long as you can remember and is a huge fan of “Dark Apostle,” your superhero form! Not wanting to put her in danger, you play dumb around her, but it’s hard to resist the urge to tell her who you really are…

The Cool Beauty – Sarah
Some might consider Sarah the ice queen, but she’s actually quite friendly once you get to know her! However, she swears that Dark Apostle killed her grandfather and seeks vengeance… Will you be able to convince her otherwise?

The Tsundere Sidekick – Maggie
Spunky and a little feisty, Maggie becomes your partner after she discovers your secret identity! She has almost superhero-like senses and helps you out on your missions. But maybe she wants to be more than just your sidekick…

Be Her Hero Mod Apk (Free Premium choices)

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