Battle Balls Royale Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Battle Balls Royale Mod Apk
Choose your appearance and loading then jump into battle! Size is everything, so collect peanuts and blob opponents to level up, grow bigger and become stronger! Move up to the top rank before time runs out!

Become the ultimate fighter champion in this action-packed PVP jelly clash!

Battle Balls Royale Feature
- Customize your battle blobs! Choose from hundreds of combinations of skins, weapons, and accessories.

- Daily prizes - log in every day to get some sweet items in the game, including character and coin customization!

- Level up to unlock, mix and match abilities to suit your domination style, from fireballs to devastating round attacks!

- Grab in-game items like bombs to help you level your opponents faster. Explosion!

Battle Balls Royale Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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