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Balloon Store – Click & Idle Tycoon Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)

Balloon Store – Click & Idle Tycoon Mod Apk
Balloon Shop will immerse you in the most exciting adventure where you will manage a shop for the production of bubbly animals. And you don't need to do anything, just click! You can conquer the whole world by opening branches in all continents of the country. Once your stegokokin starts growing, nothing will stop you.

This clicker game is in the best tradition of Stegobubbles. You only need to do a few clicks to enjoy this amazing world. Only in this clicker game, you can sell balls in the form of animals for stegocoin. Become an empty tycoon whose wealth grows and never falls.

• Live like a real tycoon and push-button - this is your most important tool!
• Click on something and then relax a little. However, this clicker will allow you to earn income from the store, even when you are not there!
• Upgrade your factory for animal pellet production and grow your factory!
• Earn money and double profits, just build the most profitable factory in the world this way!

• Rest and sunbathe on the beach, like a real tycoon, and your shop worker will work if you are not there!
• You only need to click and click to maintain profits in your factory!
• You can pump up your employee, buy him cool clothes and ...
• Connect profit with profit to get more than profit!

Balloon Store – Click & Idle Tycoon Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)